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Built in 1929 and designed by architect William Harris, Park Tower has been a residential building for over 80 years and iconic of international art deco style architecture in Washington, DC. The building was included into the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.

MAY 19

Park Tower Annual Meeting

7:00 PM


New Resident Checklist

Have you?

  • Scheduled an orientation

  • Paid the $400 move-in fee

  • Scheduled a move-in date with front desk


We're All Home Due to COVID-19

  • Please be water conscious! Since we're all home, water consumption is much higher. We're asking residents to be cognizant of their water usage or we'll all be seeing much higher water bills! 

  • As a community under this pandemic, we still want to support unity. Help your neighbor with scarce supplies if they need it! 

  • Be nice to the backdoor. The Kalorama entrance to the building is an ADA compliant door and may take longer to close and open. Please be mindful of it. Don't force it to close or push it wide open as it damages the ADA motor. 

Fire Alarms

Don't forget to change the batteries in your unit's fire alarm for daylight savings.

Storage Units Are Available

Available storage units are in the basement of Park Tower. See the front desk if you're interested in renting one.


Unit Keys
Keys for units... Keep them accurate! Please keep your spare key on-property updated with the front desk. If you change your lock, please make us a spare!

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